Three Things to Uplevel in Portland

1. Holy bananas that mix of people is lopsided.

Like 80% of the city is made up of mostly people of “Western Europen” decent. As in, 80% white, not even caucasian white, it’d be increasing diversity to get some actual people from the Caucasus region here! Mix this city up some, it needs the perspectives. I know Portlandia is working on it, and this country will get it diversified, just would be nice to do it before I’m 90! It’s an awesome city, everybody should be getting full return on the place, it’s great!

I know one doesn’t just click their fingers and BOOM a city becomes diversified. A city has to open itself up to becoming a community for many people. Open up refugee paths, open up migration paths from various places, and especially be ready for other Americans of all backgrounds to roll into town. Above all though, work on – and I know Portland is generally good at this for the typical hipster white fella – work on bringing everybody into the various communities. Have dinners, have street potlocks (street parties? what does one call these?). I know this happens some, but do it on a bigger more regular scale. For example, item 2.

2. More Full Time People Space.

More people space and less car space. Portland could afford to just close down some streets and just turn em’ into concrete permanent street fairs or something. Kind of like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, albeit slightly less alcoholic insanity would be fine too.

I also don’t mean just another park, or adding on to the convention center (which is another silly thing the city keeps attempting to do, I suppose to line somebody’s pockets?). I mean street spaces, walking spaces, spaces for music, spaces for gathering, spaces for all sorts of things in the actual city. Not shoved off in some neighborhood. I know Portland can do it. The emphasis is push more cars out get more people in. It’s better, there are more than a few examples out there.

3. Bike Infra Upgrade.

Portland is well past the period of *beginner* bike infrastructure. It’s time for Portland to really hunker down and uplevel that bike infra. Get to Copenhagenizing that bike infra in place and cut out this painted stripes on shit for cars nonsense. Also see point 2, and then once that’s emphasized for people, then push for upleveling the bike infra.

Well, that’s it for now. Got favorites for what you’d like to see added?


  1. People who say Portland’s [bike] infra is good haven’t been to Europe :/ And people-oriented streets exist everywhere! There’s a fantastic one in Mexico City, the occasional vehicle that needs to use it for delivery simply goes at a walking speed and defers to humans. Crazy concept.


    1. Eeeeexactly! The US is unreasonably behind on so many human-focused fronts. It’s kind of shocking how poorly the country is doing in this regard. Hope the future can improve and the country can improve for everybody involved eh!


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