Commute Interview #002 – Bryan Stearns

Meet Bryan Stearns.  For more information on Bryan check out his blog Self-Amusement Park, see his LinkedIn, or twit him up at @bryanstearns.

First a few questions about what Bryan does, that creates the commute.

1. What is your occupation?  What exactly does the occupation entail?

I'm a Software Architect for Paydici Corp., a Portland-based startup; I'm working on architecture and implementation of their primary web application.

2. How long have you been in the occupation?

Slightly more than a week; prior to this, I was an independent web application development consultant.

3. What city & state do you live in?

Portland, OR

Now for the commuting nitty gritty.

1. What mode (car, bike, foot, boat, airplane, train, airship, etc) of transport do you use for getting to and from work?

I'm fond of telecommuting, so not going to work (or having the option to work in a local coffee shop) is the best answer. However, as a new employee, I'm spending more time in the office in downtown Portland; we live in the Pearl so the trip to work involves various combinations of Streetcar, walking, and the #17 bus.

I biked to work one day last week – once the weather improves, biking will be my primary mode.

2. How long does each leg of your commute take?

5 minute walk + 10-minute bus, or
10 minute streetcar + 10 minutes walking, or
10 minute bike ride.

3. How do you pass the time while commuting?  Read, write, compute, chat, other?

Listening to podcasts on my phone while on transit or walking. Pedaling while biking 🙂

4. If you had your choice, what mode would you take?

I'm quite happy with the options I've got, if I have to commute at all.

5. If there was one thing you could change about your commute, what would it be?

Nothing: Anything I'd change would improve my use of transit by reducing my walking, which is less healthy than what I've got now.

6. If gas went up to $5.00 a gallon, how would that change your commute?

Fewer cars on the road interfering with my walking & transit? (Hm, might increase calls to eliminate Fareless Square, though…)

As promised after the first interview, here's a tally of the statistics so far.  🙂

Commuting Interview Statistics

  • Occupations:  Software Developer, Software Architect
  • Prospective Mode Trip Count:
    • Walk: 1
    • Bike: 1
    • Bus: 1
    • Streetcar: 1
    • Automobile: 1
  • Cities:  Portland (OR), Vancouver (WA)
  • Commute Activities:
    • Podcasts:  2
    • RSS Feeds:  1
    • Blackberry:  1
  • Commute Times:
    • Total For Everyone:  Morning 75 minutes door to door.
    • Average Commute:  Morning 37.5 minutes door to door.
  • Commute Changes:
    • Make it shorter:  1
    • Nothing:  1
  • $5.00 Commute Changes:
    • Nothing:  2

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