Sad, But Good news Maybe?

So maybe the city is going to finally get some diverters and make something happen to reign in the growing dangerous behavior of drivers in Portland. Here’s more info on the matter. I’d love to know what you think on the matter?

…or do I?  Naw, go ahead, throw in some comments on twitter or wherever I’ve posted this and we’ll dive into it.

Whatever you do say, don’t bring up the insane point that drivers are somehow more well behaved than any other type of road user. The evidence is stacked very high against such batshit insane ideas. Just look at those ticketing stats for ONE operation that was publicized.

– 18 Failure to stop and remain stopped for a pedestrian
– 14 Operating a vehicle while using a mobile communication device
– 7 Passing a stopped vehicle at a marked crosswalk
– 2 DWS [Driving While Suspended] (violation)
– 1 DWS (Misdemeanor)
– 1 Careless Driving
– 2 Failure to obey a traffic control device,
– 3 No operator’s license
– 1 No proof of insurance
– 4 Driving uninsured
– 1 Failure to drive within lane
– 1 Operating without proper fenders or mudguards
– 1 Expired registration tags, 1 Obstruction of vehicle windows
– 1 Speeding
– 2 Failure to register vehicle
– 2 warnings

If these tickets actually generated a profit (which if you’re confused about that, they actually don’t because the prices aren’t high enough to cover court costs and related admin duties for the vast majority of them) the city could maintain a self-sustaining traffic division with these kinds of behavior from so many. Mind you, at this rate of citations (and the likelihood many scofflaws were missed) this is still the minority of drivers. Many drivers actually do behave well and many drivers even will stop – as they are legally demanded – and allow you safe passage.

It’s the 15-20% of drivers that behave like scum and villains.  :-/