NSFW – If You Don’t Like Nudity Don’t Watch… but if you despise our dependency on oil, it’s fun.

Musicians in the NYC Subway

NYC, and I’m not kidding, has some of the best musicians in the world playing the Subway. It’s impressive how good these musicians are. Here’s a few short videos I’ve made while traveling around this last week in NYC. Some of these are a little noisy, but if you play music, you’ll get the idea of how good they actually are.


Calling Transit & Bike Portlanders

Hello all, I’m putting together a project that will kick off a set of blog entries across various Portlander’s (or anybody’s blogs for that matter) blogs. I’d like to do the following:

Setup a transit ride on any of the lines that points out some of the best new amenities in the city’s system.

Setup a bike ride on any major route that shows great street improvements, bicycle safety changes or features, and other characteristics.

Combine the results of either of the above into a set of blog entries from each person’s perspective of the trip.

So who is in?