Streetcar Mobile Music Fest #SMMF 2013

The Streetcar Mobile Music Fest 2013 is happening this Saturday (that’s tomorrow). The last one was great, careening around the CL Line and the one before that (or was that just bands on streetcars?) was great too! Either way it’s going to be a great time, so come ride a CL Line Streetcar and enjoy the scenery and music! I’ll be there video recording and photographing the event for fun (thus, say hello) and the intent afterwards is to get a crew together afterwards for dinner and drinks. Of course, somewhere on the streetcar line!  😉

For a quick idea, here’s a video montage from last year.

Musicians in the NYC Subway

NYC, and I’m not kidding, has some of the best musicians in the world playing the Subway. It’s impressive how good these musicians are. Here’s a few short videos I’ve made while traveling around this last week in NYC. Some of these are a little noisy, but if you play music, you’ll get the idea of how good they actually are.