Transit Flowers

I went walking around yesterday, just for fun and snagged a few IPhone pictures of the streetcar.  There was one thing I noticed, which I find to be one of the superiorities of open track streetcars and rail versus flat non-porous roads.  Flowers.

You might be thinking, WTF are you talking about Adron!  Well I’ll explain.

Tracks, with standard road bedding allow for water to run off but also run into the ground directly from the tracks.  It also allows for plants to literally grow in and between the tracks.  Sometimes this is ok for the trains, sometimes it isn’t, but more often then not weeds, grain, or even flowers can grow up and live without interrupting the transit and without the transit interrupting the plants.  An Interstate, Highway, or almost 99.999% of the roads in the US and the world can’t allow this.  Between the black top, concrete, and high coverage of tires on roads it just can’t support life of any sort.  Roadways are the embodiment of death in this sense.

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