Transit Beer… Becomes Transit Meetup.

Food, Grub, Tasties, Eatin’s, Discussion, Conversation.  Flanged wheels, rubber on road, combustion based, electric induction, forced induction, passenger count, throughput, ROW/right of way, and more, we’ll discuss it all and get to the bottom of mysteries and ask all the right questions.  First point of business, I’m gonna change the name of the Transit Beer meets to merely Transit Meetup.  So newcomers will have the appropriate connotation that we discuss transit, eat some food, and then maybe drink a few beers.  It’s all up to the attendees!

For anyone that wants to swing in, we have this meetup and there is no official meeting minutes, no beauracratic organization, this is just a get together and ramble on about transportation topics.  So don’t be intimidated just come and meet some of your fellow transit riders & add your 2 cents to the conversation.

So make a note and put it on your schedule;  July 18th is Transit Beer #5 (is that right, are we on #5?)

We’ll plan on a meetup at about the same time we usually do, kicking off around 7:00pm, and I’ll probably arrive at the destination an hour early.

Now for the BIG BIG question.  Where should we hold this Transit Meetup?  We’ve been to downtown south west, downtown north west, and just on the east side in the north east.  We’ve also hit the south east along Powell.  So the options are wide open.  Throw some suggestions in!


  1. You should skip that and go up the next weekend when it isn’t a sardine can of people! 🙂 Plus I’m trying to put together a crew to check it out, and check out some of the current and future TOD areas.

    Either way, you’re always welcome to go up the second time too!

    Anyway, I might actually have to postpone this transit beer, people are dropping off since there is so much to do in July! 😦 Maybe we should shoot for early August?


  2. Good point Jason…

    I’m going to hustle and get up a post in regards to said activities – the Seattle Light Rail running & the next transit beer. Just rode the new Green Line on the mall and have to get that written up too. It was uber nice – gotta say. 🙂


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