WES Truck Accident?

Any word on the big headline at www.trimet.org?

“WES Service Disruption

Due to an truck accident affecting the Grahams Ferry bridge in Tualatin, all WES trips for the morning commute on Thursday, July 9, will be served by shuttle buses. Trains are not able to travel along the tracks because of damage caused by the accident. Shuttle buses will serve all stops between Wilsonville and Beaverton Transit Center starting with the first trip from Wilsonville at 5:19 a.m. Riders should plan to add about 20 minutes to their commute. WES service is expected to be on schedule for the afternoon commute.

Updated: 4:26 a.m., Thu. Jul. 9, 2009”

I’d sure love some extra information if anyone has it.

UPDATE:  It was really NOT the WES this time.  A truck peeled back its top running into the trestle the WES goes over.  Truck 0, Trestle 1.  It boils down to massive truck driver #FAIL 


  1. OMG thaz hilarious!

    Idiot trucker… his fellow truckers should take him out for a thorough flogging. Did he completely forget we was driving a A FREAKING TRUCK!?


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