How Good is Your Transit’s Website?

I do a lot of web development work.  One of the things I’ve always noticed, which has bothered me, is how horrible most transit websites are.  So I’ve put together a list and am hoping I can get some feedback from users.  Once I get the user feedback I’m going to roll together a report of actual usability on each of the sites compared to each other.  With that said, here’s the list.

The following sites are more specific, not to general transit, but to a specific company or line.


  1. As someone who also works in web development (specifically, SEO / online marketing), C-Tran’s old website was a TRAIN WRECK (frames, anyone?). Fortunately, their site redesign is fairly functional.

    I’ll take a look at the sites you’ve listed when I’ve got some free time 🙂


  2. Funny you should ask this question because on Monday I ended up renting a car because I couldn’t figure out how to get from my condo in Midtown Phoenix to an area just south of here off of I-10 by bus. I had a meeting for work, so I didn’t want to risk missing it all because I couldn’t figure things out. Now, having said that, I’ll admit I should’ve planned ahead and maybe checked the routes and schedules the day before instead of that morning.
    OK, here’s my beef: The trip planner does not take exact addresses, only cross streets where there is a bus or lightrail stop. So if you’re unfamiliar with your destination, and that person at your destination doesn’t use a bus and has no idea where a stop at the destination is located, you’re kinda screwed. The trip planner gives you so many destination possibilities that you might as well cover your eyes with one hand and pick one of the choices with the other.
    Uggh.. I hate admitting all this because I don’t want to discourage people from taking the bus – but sometimes bus trips to outlying areas here in the Valley can be a challenge to figure out if you’re an inexperienced transit passenger.


  3. My definition of horrible: Any transit Web site that only offers its schedules as PDF files and doesn’t bother to have HTML versions.


  4. Great stories Adron, your Northwest region is so progressive in comparison to Detroit- a 500 square mile transit impoverished wasteland with a skeletal bus system that’s near liquidation…
    It’s comical how LK from PR comes after you! But any discussion about public transport is good—since so little about the subject is covered in the mainstream media—underwritten by the sprawlmasters: oil, auto, insurance & drive-thru fast food conglomerates that preach ‘drive-in, drive-out, drive-on, keep movin, keep slurping that oil’…


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