Rocking Transit Websites (…and the bad ones too)

A while back I posted an entry in regards to “How Good is your Transit’s Website?”  Well finally I’m getting around to the follow up.  Here is the basic characteristics I tested on each site.

  • Common Origination A to Common Destination B:  I found two landmark, easy to find, well known places in the primary service area of a transit agency and tried to use their site to find the best routes.  Within this characteristic I measured the following things;  Clicks Necessary, Data Entered, and Accuracy.
  • Weird Origination A to Weird Destination B:  Same as above, but I went out of the way to find places on the very edges of the service zones to see what the sites would give me.
  • Are the schedules easy to find?  I measured the following:  Clicks to find Schedule, Schedule Formats Available (don’t even give me a PDF only option, BAD BAD BAD!).
  • Are the route maps easy to find?  I measured the following:  Clicks to find Route Map, Route Map Formats Available (again, don’t give me a PDF only option!)
  • Are the system maps easy to find, navigate, and read?  I measured the follow:  Clicks to the system map, formats available, options for viewing, printing, and other uses.
  • Good design practice:  This is a simple, eyeball use of the standard left to right reading of the site, keeping clutter to a minimum, and other basic design criteria of a good site.

Site:  TriMet –  Primary Service Area:  Portland, OR

Site:  NJ Transit –  Primary Service Area:  New Jersey (Pretty much the whole state)



DC Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority – and Boston – MBTA –

C-Tran (Just cuz)

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