Lucky Day #13, Metrorider LA Brings It

Day #13 started transit intensive.  We awoke at 8:00am and prepped for our departure.  Packing everything back up we headed out the door at 8:42am.  Near Mike’s place stood a little coffee shop, which happened to be exactly where the bus stop for the OCTA #71 Bus.  There we plunked down all our gear and sat waiting.  The bus wasn’t scheduled until 9:04am, but we figured best be safe than sorry with an unknown transit system.  We sat sipping our morning coffees and I read a bit about the Blood Angels of the Warhammer 40k Universe.

At exactly 9:04am an empty OCTA #71 bus arrived at our footsteps.  I mention empty, only because it was, but I bore in mind that this was the second stop from the beginning of its run.  We boarded the bus with all our stuff and paid the $3.00.  Yes Portlanders, TriMet’s fares aren’t bad at all.  That is $3.00 for two people without a transfer.

The trip went something like this:

9:04am Departure on #71

9:16am 5 ppl total boarded so far.  1 leaves, another person boards.

9:20am Another person gets off, another 1 on.  We’re maintaining our 5 rider count.

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