Spontaneity @ Floyd’s Coffee

Jo & I met after work about 5:00pm at Floyd’s Coffee in downtown Portland, specifically at 1st & Couch.  Map location included below (thx Google maps).

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While sitting there we decided tonight ought to be a good night to go catch the new 2012 movie.  Being that Jo and I, thanks in large part to Portland, have become theater snobs we wanted to go see it at a local theater we could get beer and grub at.  We had checked earlier in the week to see what was playing, and St Johns Theater was going to be opening the movie tonight.  This theater ROCKS!  It serves beer, pizza, and the normal items expected at a movie theater.  The difference is it is local, serves local pizza and beer, and isn’t one of those corporate theaters that is…  I won’t go on about how or why we don’t like those big theaters.

So we did a quick scoping of the bus trip, and realized we where a block away form a single seat bus trip right to the theater!

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It was definitely going to be a trip worthy of a movie adventure!  So at 7:09pm we’d board the #44 Bus to St Johns.  That would get us to the theater at 7:44pm, in perfect time to get tickets, get some seats, sip on a few pitchers of beer, and nibble at some pizza.  The movie stands at a whopping 2 hours and 38 minutes, which will put us out the doors, happy with beer & pizza in our bellies at about 10:50pm.  I did a check of what our options were for departure at that time.  The ideal one for Jo and I is another single seat ride from St Johns all the way home.  This trip will be a long 76 minutes on the #4.

For some of those auto bound individuals out there in the world, they may read this and think, “why the hell would anyone want to travel about an hour each way to see a movie?”  First off, many people travel an hour by car to see a movie.  Depending on their own stupidity and the conditions in which they live, it isn’t entirely uncommon.  But in a car that is an hour of time that there are simply two options; talk and carry on or listen to the radio.  At least those are basically the two legal options.  I suppose one person could read, or do something of that sort.  But the even more likely scenario is that people end up in their SOV (single occupancy vehicle) alone, limited to the radio and talking to one self, driving to meet others.

On transit Jo and I get many more options.  We can listen to our headphones, talk to others (there ARE interesting people on transit, which people would realize if they got out of their cars and met their neighbors), I can spec out a Space Marines Army, Jo can knit the gauntlets she is making for Alex, we can talk among ourselves, read a book, watch a movie on the bus (yup, there are these things called iPhone & iPods, that play video! gasp!).  [Image to the right is one set of gauntlets Jo made, if you’re interested just click on the image.  It links to ravelry which you can join for many patterns and such]

All things that are basically illegal or impossible to do in a car.  So really, when it comes down to it, the bus ride is just hanging out, while the car ride is wasted time.  More of one’s life drained away in fed radio media, limited activity, and often spent fuel, more waste, and all those other negatives to boot.

Jo & I don’t have that issue.  Just FYI, we’re free of those limitations.  So maybe the real issue isn’t why we limit or work so hard to use transit, but why do people try so hard and limit themselves to just auto transport?  Really, it boils down to the eye of the beholder.  If we want to even further distance ourselves from the noose of the automobile we can use our bikes, which again, some would be astonished, but they shouldn’t be.

Anyway, a drink awaits me, and some chilling on the bus, and a movie.  Kick ass. 🙂

Complete Itinerary:

Walk 0.15 mile northwest from 118 NW Couch St to NW Everett & 2nd (Stop ID 1612)
7:09 p.m. Board 44 Mocks Crest to St Johns
7:44 p.m. Get off at N Lombard & Baltimore
Walk southeast to 8704 N Lombard St
Travel time: 41 minutes (including 6 minutes walking)

Movie:  2012   -   2hrs 38 Minutes

Walk northwest from 8704 N Lombard St to N Lombard & Baltimore (Stop ID 8480)
11:07 p.m. Board 4 Division/Fessenden to Gresham TC via Portland city ctr 
which continues as 4 Division to Gresham TC
12:16 a.m. Get off at SE Division & 20th
Walk 0.4 mile south to 3137 SE 21st Ave
Travel time: 83 minutes (including 14 minutes walking)


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