Where Am I Going? The Transit Oddities.

First off, just look at these awesome Google Transit Maps. I’ve got a few thoughts below though.

Trip Part I

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Trip Part II

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Trip Part III

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Ok, there are a few issues with TriMet‘s Bus System, and 90% of those issues are on the west side. That’s what I want to discuss and these maps show so well.

First off, the central business district and east of Portland pretty much have the touted “best transit” system that TriMet often calls itself.  However, the west side has barely a mediocre system, and in many places is completely disconnected from any mode except automobile.

West Side Core Transit

The core of the west side consists of the MAX, #57, and basically the #12.  Beyond that, there are some infrequent routes, feeders, and split service bus routes (ala the #56 & #54, the #76 & #78, etc).  The easiest areas to get to, from downtown, are areas directly along the MAX.  This is also the only timely route to take from anywhere east of the “west hills” (for those not from the area, that is the big green slice on the maps above just barely to the west of downtown).  What other routes are effective from an east to west side transport perspective?

Besides MAX, West Side Routes

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