A Few Minutes Until the Bus Arrives…

…and I decided I would whip out the laptop and write the first introductory Transit Sleuth Blog Entry while I wait.

The blog and domain are officially pointed in the right direction now, here at the location of the new and improved Transit Sleuth.  Eventually I intend to get the previous blog entries pulled into this system so the entire archive is available, but it’ll be a few days (maybe a few weeks) before I get that done.  In the meantime I’ll be blogging the transit adventures right here!  So stay tuned and keep reading for transit sleuthing o’ Seattle.

Transit Sleuth Blog – The New Blog Engine

This blog I have created to begin the migration that will be two phase. One, my blog will be migrating to WordPress for the blog engine itself. The second part will be the migration of my hosting service, which I’m not 100% sure about that part yet.