Blame BP For Oil Spill? How About Blame Yourselves!

A  little context:

o25_23537411[1] (Image Credit:  John Moore/Getty Images) Yeah, back with the transit attitude.  So obviously, unless you live under a rock, you know about the bubbling black gold coming out of the Gulf of Mexico.  One could argue that it is BP’s fault, it is the Government’s fault, it is X’s fault.  I’m just going to step out here and say, if you aren’t riding a bike for every bloody day of your life in the United States, IT IS YOUR FAULT!  Yup, that’s correct.  You are the reason that BP is out there.  You America are the reason we’re addicted to the catastrophe, now and the ongoing one.  You are the reason that communities have been destroyed by Interstate Construction, people live farther away from each other than ever in history. You, you, you, and you.  All of you that drive.  Even the people taking transit have some things to answer for.  Streetcars did create the original suburbs.

Needless to say, we need new energy sources.  We need to clean up the ones we have to keep using and we absolutely have to find a way to reconnect society in a better way.  This is especially true if the US seeks to maintain some type of integrity, success, and basic standard of living for the children of today.  YES, the children of today.  Not tomorrow, but today’s children have their very future at stake.  Some may say it’s their children’s problems, but no, that is not the case.  It is the children of today that have their future already in debt, it is their environment that is already partially wrecked, it is their spoiled lives that we’ve set to a path of laziness.  What they have on their shoulders only our grandparents and great grandparents even could guess.  We’ve lived in an age of ease and it is slowly but surely coming to close for the US.  Transit, zoning, and technology are our rescue, but the children of today, and the minds of today must mitigate the risks of tomorrow.

I’ve got my fingers crossed, as I’m always optimistic.  But there are some days this lack of action really drives at me.  This oil burbling up from the depths definitely doesn’t help my optimism for the future.