Motor Vehicle Socialism & Subsidies, They Keep Adding Up…

The United States Citizenry, and specifically the Republican Party, seems to have this perspective that roads equate to freedom and car usage increases liberty. But both in the United States are massively subsidized through wealth redistribution, or more commonly known throughout history as socialism and subsidy by the masses.

So why do they so heavily support road, oil, and automobile bail outs and subsidies but stop cold when it comes to anything else?

Well, since I like to really understand the arguments of both sides I really started digging into this more. One blog entry that was interesting was.  In that blog entry the writer, Dom Nozzi linked a report. This report has some really good facts, that most Republicans need to learn and realize they are facts (and don’t worry Republicans, I’ve got the stupid Democrats blog entry coming too). In this report some of the data the writer puts together includes a $28 cent per mile external cost for motor vehicle usage. Remember that’s in addition to the $0.56 per mile cost the Government accepts as a write off (yes, write off for expenses and business expenses – one more subsidy).

He also points out two other facts, that in Canada:

  1. 19.7% of roadway costs are covered with vehicle licensing, tags, etc.
  2. Fuel taxes cover about 34.8% of roadway costs.
So those numbers come from Canada. They have much higher licensing and tag costs. Their fuel taxes are similar to a little less than the United States. So in both cases the costs of roadways get even LESS from these taxes and fees than Canadian Roadways do. Which simply, one can derive, that we subsidize our roads even more from our general Federal, State, and City Budgets.
So I put it simply, to the Republicans and other like minded individuals, stop the socialization of roadways. Make motorists pay 100% of this cost! Of course, we’d have to provide more right of way rights and incorporations for transit, opening up the market for that too. Because if anyone has studied the numbers, one knows that if motorists paid 100% of costs fairly for usage, about 10-20% of motorists wouldn’t be able to afford it anymore.
Especially if we had any decent standards for our roads and automobiles.
If you’re a Republican, chew on that reality for a bit. I’m waiting for the change of attitude so that you don’t sound like hypocrites anymore.  🙂  Cheers!