#12 Transit Beer w/ #9, #19, the Streetcar & More!!!

So if you’re going to come out and about tongith and want to chat transit for a bit, we’re meeting for grub, and maybe a beer, for the 4th Transit Beer at Pho Thanh Long.  It’s at 635 SW College St in Portland.  The #12 stops right out front and the streetcar stops about 3 blocks away at PSU.  Check out the Google Map.

Click on the map to get a closer up image, and if you’re taking transit make sure to click on it and enable transit.

View Larger Map

Buses that stop nearby within 1-3 blocks:  #8, #9, #19, #68, #1, #12, #44, #94, and the #17.  The streetcar stops approximately 3-4 blocks away also, depending on if you’re coming from the north west or south east.

So come join us.  We’ll be there at around 7:30pm, maybe a few minutes after, pending delays.  😉


  1. Great!
    Can’t wait!
    It’s always a good time even if its just the two of us!
    Never get tired of listening to you talk about this shit!


  2. Geeze, we should have done this YESTERDAY — that’s literally across the street from my work!!!

    See you then.


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