Logo, Interviews, Oh the Transit Influx!


I shelled some pennies out of pocket and have a working logo that will be introduced to the site soon!  Yeah, I’m digging it.  It goes with the whole transit and sleuth theme, and has a bit of Portland style to boot!  Yes, I hired local, cuz I’m cool like that.  Stay tuned, it’ll be up real soon!


I’ve sent out a few (ok, 100+) interviews to Portlanders, Chicagoans, San Franciscans, and many more about their respective commutes.  This I’ll put together in a series of entries and also do a kind of roll up aggregate of the totals.  It is, at this time, a bit biased since it is mostly tech related & Twitter users.  But none the less, it’s still rather interesting when you get into the different commutes different people have for different career fields.

Transit Influx

Looks like PDX is starting to go hard core on transit planning again.  Of course, leading the charge is light rail plans (cuz ya know, you can just toss buses into service without planning?!?  I suppose, seems they’re often left out).  I’ll have more on some of the maps and other thoughts soon.

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