Commute Interview #003 – Kiisu

…and now for a commuting interview from a rock star!  Welcome Kiisu to the Transit Sleuth Blog.  Kiisu is the string slinging guitar player in The Oblik.  If you’re ever in the mood for a good show check them out.

1. What is your occupation?  What exactly does the occupation entail?

Daytime bill payer: QA Analyst/Graphic Design/Swiss Army Knife for financial software industry.  BugSmashing PrettyMaking Random Utility Person.
Nights/weekends etc: Rockstar

2. How long have you been in the occupation?

1 Year at the day job slaving for the man making someone else slightly more wealthy.  I’ve always been a rock star.

3. What city & state do you live in?

Portland, Or.

…and now for the rockers commute…

1. What mode (car, bike, foot, boat, airplane, train, airship, etc) of transport do you use for getting to and from work?

hobo urine ridden public transportation aka Trimet Bus.

2. How long does each leg of your commute take?  If you don’t commute, how much time do you spend getting to and from your desk or place of work?

Around an hour to/from.  No transfers.  I actually take the slightly longer commute to avoid transfers and to avoid some of the less than savory passengers. 

3. How do you pass the time while commuting or traveling?  Read, write, compute, chat, other?

Listen to music, read, plot evil & stare blankly out the window.  I ignore people on the bus as I have little interest in socializing with fellow passengers.

4. If you had your choice, what mode would you take?

I’m impulsive so I have to provide multiple methods of transportation that I would prefer to bus.
In no particular order:

  • 1974 Ferrari Dino All Black on a curvy road with no traffic. 
    Teleportation Device of some sort.
  • Personal Helicopter with a copilot so I could parachute out and land on the roof of the building.  This would require that I someday learn how to parachute and that I could actually land on the roof of the building and survive.
  • Some kind of fully armed military dune buggy or mad max style post-apocalyptic vehicle.
    These only apply if I don’t have to try and find parking, trying to park a personal teleportation device is a real hassle these days.

5. If there was one thing you could change about your commute, what would it be?

Shorter commute, less hobo urine.

6. If gas went up to $5.00 a gallon, how would that change your commute?

My work would probably have to spend more money on my bus pass, more people would be riding the bus and it would be more crowded with more stench of hobo urine.

Commuting Interview Statistics

  • Occupations: Software Developer, Software Architect, QA Analyst/Graphic Design/Swiss Army Knife/Rock Star
  • Prospective Mode Trip Count:
    • Walk: 1
    • Bike: 1
    • Bus: 2
    • Streetcar: 1
    • Automobile: 1
  • Cities:  Portland (OR) x2, Vancouver (WA)
  • Commute Activities:
    • Podcasts: 2
    • RSS Feeds: 1
    • Blackberry: 1
    • Music: 1
  • Commute Times:
    • Total For Everyone:  135 minutes door to door.
    • Average Commute:  45 minutes door to door.
  • Commute Changes:
    • Make it shorter: 1
    • Nothing: 1
  • $5.00 Commute Changes:
    • Nothing:  2
    • Bus Pass Would Increase: 1
  • Total Interviews Published: 3

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