While We Argue Roads and Bridges

While our representatives continue to put themselves in a position to run and maintain our roads and bridges, real progress is made among the freight railroads.  Progress that would not be taking place if they where nationalized.  You can put a safe bet on that!

BNSF has decreased transit times by 12 hrs during 2008, significantly increasing their capabilities for freight movements.  More can be read on Railway Track & Structures news feed.  Also if you find it interesting, the major progress many of the freight companies make, go check out their respective sites and look for news feeds (These are just the Class Is, there are many more).

  • BNSF – Burlington Northern Santa Fe
  • UP – Union Pacific
  • NS – Norfolk Southern
  • CSX – God only knows what this stands for, if anyone knows I’d be keen to find out.
  • KCS – Kansas City Southern

IF anyone from NS reads this, PLEASE fix your HTML.  The menues are horribly screwed up in multiple browsers.  Approximately 40% of your web traffic is not going to see a respective site.


  1. I probably ought to. I get the notion the class I railroads don’t focus too much attention on the web, it isn’t a major "solution technology" for them, just merely a communication and advertisement mechanism. Thus it is secondary concern for them…

    …but I do think I’ll try to strike up a conversation with the web team there.


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