National Train Day

I’m going to jump a train across the rivers and travel from Portland to Vancouver and back in the morning.  Figured I should get in at least one round trip this Saturday since it is train day and 4x the points!  🙂

If anyone is in area and interested, swing down and take a ride with me, introduce yourself.  I’ll be sure to interview you next!  I’ll also have the interviews coming again by end of week.  I needed a little break from the blogging to catch back up with life, but I’m almost caught up, so hang on the information will be flying again real soon.

Also coming up are those analysis of transit rider increases.  So be sure to throw your two cents into those when I get them up.  It should be fertile ground for some good debate.  Think TriMet could handle the load?  How about the MTA, PATH, CTA, or other agencies?  What about LA’s agencies or San Francisco’s?

One Comment

  1. I’m riding the 506 to Tacoma for a late lunch and a quick ride on the Tacoma Streetcar (ahem, Tacoma Link Light Rail) and returning on the 509.


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