Probably Right Again

I estimated back during my week long commute on the WES, and even before what the rider levels would be.  I was spot on +- about 5 riders per trip.

My original spreadsheet is below (I created this table via Excel back on February 3rd).

Station Total Per Station Drive Up Guess Riders
Beaverton Transit Center 86 15 2392
Hall/Nimbus 76 10 456
Tigard 121 15 760
Tualatin 201 15 152
Wilsonville Station 447 25 1520
Total For Route 931 80 5280
Best Total 1547    
My Estimate Total 1800    
Reasonable Total 1238 My Bet  
Optimistic Total 3000    

Now I'm thinking of doing an estimate for the Green Line to see how close I can get.  Of course, the Green line will take a LOT more calculations as the stations are greater, the inputs are greater, and there are tons of bus lines to figure out.  On that note, maybe Mr. Rose, Al M, Erik H, or some other want to weigh in with their estimates?  If you have any thoughts on what the rider levels will be, please comment, I'd love to have a little unofficial guess work going on.  🙂

So what are the guesses?  I'll narrow it to average riders per day for the first year.  Will it be 6,000 per day, 15,000, or 45,000?  Let me know!


  1. In all honesty, I’m almost shocked that I have been as accurate on my estimations about the WES as I am. I didn’t study it all that much, not nearly as much as I have auto, bus, and light rail & heavy rail intercity usage.

    But I’m not complaining. I like to keep a solid perspective on the numbers.


  2. My personal observations from a few WES rides seem to indicate there is heavier usage Tigard TC-Beaverton TC, although Tualatin usage is higher than what I would imagine.

    Hall/Nimbus ridership is awful and goes right in line with the quality of the station…in short it broke every rule TriMet has for good transit access and the ridership shows. You don’t build a transit station behind a strip mall with no pedestrian access and crap for transit transfers.


  3. You got that right about the Hall/Nimbus. They really did short change the stop. When I got off there, I couldn’t even figure out where the stupid bus stop was. They didn’t even upgrade it to something reasonable like an easy to see covered stop. It’s merely a sign post stop.

    Probably was more originally, but when the budget started seeping they probably cut back. Either way, the Hall/Nimbus stop is in bad shape for ridership.


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