10:07pm Portland Night, Recollections of a Busy Day

This was my day a few weeks back, just a quick reflection of a day's transit use.  Just thought I’d timeline it to see how it panned out via transit.

  1. Got up for work at 5:25am.
  2. Arrived at South East Grind on Powell at 5:55am via #9 Bus.
  3. Hour of work committed to the code base.
  4. 6:55am, Transit Tracker timed arrival, boarded #9 Bus after walking a block down and off to downtown.
  5. Arrived downtown at 7:04am.
  6. Departed for lunch on #9 at 11:42am.
  7. Arrived via #9 for lunch at 11:55am.
  8. Departed for work at 12:40pm, arrived at 1:08pm.  It seemed, someone had ran into something and all of Powell was delayed.
  9. Arrived at office and committed some code to the mother ship.
  10. Departed office and jumped aboard #4 north bound.  5:42pm.
  11. Arrived just north of Burnside, 5:45pm.  Enjoyed a cup of joe at Backspace.
  12. Departed and hopped to a few places with friends, departed at 9:05pm to the office for backpack pickup.
  13. Headed into office, finalized a few last minute things, headed back out to catch the #9 south bound.  Boarded at 10:07pm.  Arrived home at 10:19pm.

It was a good day.  That is all.  Nice 17+ hour day.

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