Transit To Kraków

572348315_MXJob-S[1] Kraków is a city in Poland that dates back to the 7th century.  However, Kraków here in Portland is a delicious  Polish Pub & Cafe.  Serving numerous items ranging from coffee, beer, and other beverages to desserts, entrees, and pastries.

572348350_YsQ3D-S[1]Recently Jo, Abhijeet Thacker, and I swung over on the MAX Yellow Line for a bite to eat.  After ordering Jo & I grabbed some Black Boss & Boss.  This has to be my favorite beer that one can buy by the bottle.  Black Boss has an almost syrup like texture, with a massively thick flavor.  The regular Boss Beer has a lighter and smoother flavor.  Both, rock.  Period.  Ever get a chance to try them out give em’ a shot.

T572348476_N3wrJ-S[1]he pierogies we had where delicious.  Out of all the pierogies I’ve had in town (which is more than a few) these are hands down the best.

572348433_XQfvU-S[1]Jo’s plate had a variety with various ingredients.  My order was the meat innards.  With a side of applesauce and sour cream.  A little cream and sauce on the pierogies makes for a great combination or without.  I like to eat all of it independently, it seemed to work best for me that way.

After a great round of grub we headed back downtown via the MAX Yellow Line.

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