Saturday Schedule

My schedule is shaping up to look like this.  Jo and I are jumping on the #9 to head downtown for the Green Line events around 9:36am.  We intend to meet up with my father, mother, my father & my friend John from Washington DC, Navy Don, and anyone else that wants to jump on the 11:30am first departure (or the one right afterward) bound for Clackamas Transit Center.  There will of course be a bunch of politicians there, but I’m not keen on seeing any of them, I’m going to see the vehicles, see the stations, and see the actual LRVs finally in action.

At 3:00pm I expect to be back downtown to meet Max and possibly others at the chess boards at Pioneer Square.  If anyone wants to join me before, around, or whenever I’ll be riding about please do.  I’ll most likely be wandering around with my lady Jo, with her red dyed hair, flower tats, a Canon 40D, and I’ll be looking about with the curiosity of a 4 year old on my face.

Hope to see all out there.


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