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Google & Valley Metro

While rambling through yesterday’s blog entry I wrote about a desire to be able to click transit and see how to get somewhere in Phoenix.  The lack of this feature to the city’s transit system was part of the underlying cause that led me to rent a car (at $60 wasteful dollars per day) just to get anywhere in town.  30 Minute frequencies on a bus aren’t so bad when you have an idea of where the bus actually is, without a mechanism to track, or plot logistically the bus is almost entirely useless except for the most desperate of users.  Well, to my surprise, there are talks between Valley Metro & Google as I discovered.  I just have one last comment on that, “HURRY UP VALLEY METRO!”  It is services feeds, this isn’t a hard process, I could integrate and make the service feeds needed for Google available in under a month – ALONE, pending I had access to Valley Metro’s Servers.  So hire some software developers, I can provide references for a couple in the area that are awesome, and GET IT DONE!  :)  K, Thx.

Density & City Facts, Portland, LA, and Phoenix

I was curious about densities, size, sprawl, and other tidbits between the three main cities of the trip I’m currently on.  We started in Portland, so I’m including it in the stats, and then headed down to LA and then Phoenix.  Here’s how each ranks.

Stat Portland Los Angeles Phoenix
Metro 2,159,720 12,872,808 4,281,899
City 557,706 3,833,995 1,567,924
City 145.4 sq mi 498.3 sq mi 517.17 sq mi
Density: 4,288.38/sq mi 8,205/sq mi 2,937.8/sq mi

Phoenix is a lot larger than the last time I checked.  But this is the beginning of my analysis of densities and such between the cities.  Los Angeles has really kicked off further interest to understand that city.  Simply, I knew the reputation LA has wasn’t accurate, but how did the city get to be known as a sprawling catastrophe of a city?  Was it because of movies like “Escape from Los Angeles”?  I am still not sure, but am going to start digging up more information.

That’s it for now.  More analysis of Phoenix to come later.


  1. 2 things

    1) Are you comparing metro density or city density? Looks like City density which then doesn’t take in to account places like Orange County

    2) LA didn’t have a UGB but ran out of space due to mountains etc and was so big that it became more cost efficient to do in-fill.


  2. The Google Transit data is in a turf war. The City of Phoenix claims ownership to it. When I checked awhile back about this, the City of Phoenix was not willing to let the RPTA (the regional agency and transit marketing strongarm) to publish the data to Google Transit. I hope they have a change of heart someday.

    I have been here for 13 years and it seems like the City of Phoenix just can’t let go of a lot of aspects of this supposedly regional transit system.

    Hello Phoenix.. Tico is dead.


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