Transit Meetup (Beer?)

So here’s the lowdown.  We’ll all meet at 5:00pm, and discuss transit topics from then until whenever.  I figure we’ll probably go until at least 8:00pm, so if you want to swing by a little after 5:00pm please do.

Here’s some of the topics that have been brought up for discussion so far.  Of course, anyone can talk about anything they want to, these are just kick starts.

  • The New Light Rail Efforts – i.e. The Orange Line (Milwaukee)
  • The West Side Express, or WES – i.e. The money bleeder (or maybe someone can convince us it isn’t?)
  • The future of TriMet in general – Should it be altered?  Broken apart?
  • Advocacy – Groups, plans, ideas, organizing, etc.
  • Random topics – generally, we can always just bring up things.

The last topic of debate – where shall the location of the meetup be?  Please weigh in with your thoughts and ideas on location.  Preferably someplace that has some food, and is all ages.

Chad mentioned an area that is available near south waterfront and we could BBQ, BYO Beverages, or do a potluck style.  Chad’s space is available via streetcar & Bus #35.  So that’s one option.


  1. All good topics, and of course UNION VS NON UNION!
    I’m really open to anything but would like the option of being in a place where I can get a drink if I want one. I’m not so hot on the pot luck idea.

    How bout something on the max or streetcar rather than the bus line?


  2. Sorry, was REALLY behind on e-mail.

    I’m up for whatever topics. I can’t say I’ll be up for debating much about Union vs. Non-Union. It boils down to simple math for me, and progress of technology – so maybe there are a few points to discuss.


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