Oregon Orders More Talgos! About time!


Oh yeah, Oregon has ordered two Talgos.  What do you think of that eh?

So I don’t get some of the logistics of the matter, such as the fact that Oregon is getting two trains with 13 cars.  Oregon can’t even get 10 car trains filled up between Eugene and Portland.  Maybe they’ll be able to change the schedule for better trips?  Who knows.

Anyway, would love to hear what people think.


  1. Sounds like Wash State wants to pull the Talgos they own and Amtraks for PDX-SEA runs only to increase the # of trips, what I can assume from this, ODOT ordered these to keep service to Eugene (To SEA and VAC).


  2. Well, it is definitely a sign that the states need to start looking outward and not depend on Amtrak. Even though Boardman has promised new equipment, nobody seems to be counting on his company to provide their state any equipment outside of the Northeast.

    As for the scheduling, Oregon’s DOT desperately needs to provide a morning PDX-EUG trip and a late afternoon/early evening EUG-PDX train.

    The ORDOT could also combine #504 and #506 into one EUG-SEA train, making space for the westbound Pioneer (which would be better off operated by a consortium between UP and another company like Herzog or First Group America, owners of Greyhound).


  3. "Amtrak currently provides service on the line with trains owned by the state of Washington and Amtrak. But as Washington increases daily Portland-to-Seattle service, trains no longer would be available to Oregon, according to ODOT. The Oregon-owned trains will join five older Talgo-America trainsets, of which Washington state owns three and Amtrak, two."

    from the link you gave. Reads like the current trains used on the Eugene-Portland run are Wash State owned, so we need to buy our own as Olympia takes them back to use on their own terms.

    Overall its good though, increased frequency from Wash State and Oregon not letting the ball drop and at least maintaining service on the route as is. Just wish they’d get HSR done sooner than later, haha


  4. I would guess that WashDOT told ODOT something to the effect that if the present service south of PDX is going to be maintained, Oregon is going to have to contribute some equipment to the Cascades pool – especially if there are any frequency additions north of PDX.


  5. As a guess, WashDOT probably told ODOT something to the effect that if they want to continue running Talgos south of PDX, Oregon needs to make a contribution to the equipment pool.


  6. As a guess, I think WashDOT probably told ODOT if they want to keep running Talgo equipment south of PDX, it was time for Oregon to contribute to the equipment pool.


  7. There are only two trains a day. Infrequent trains don’t attract very many riders. If Oregon wants more people to ride trains, there need to be enough trains to serve people with different schedules.


  8. In 2008, some of the cars from EUG to PDX were full or close to it. Possibly ODOT has ordered 13 so there’s the possibility of rotating cars, i.e, if some need maintenance or repair, the route is still running at normal capacity. Could be they plan on switching off w/WS.DOT stock too, I believe the large maintenance facility is in SEA, so that’s where the cars would go (for the time being anyway) for major maintenance & repair.


  9. Thanks for the comments. Sorry it took me so long to get them ok’d. Been a busy/rough last few weeks for the transit blogging. 🙂


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