Another Reason China will Overtake the US Soon

The speed record.

CNNs Coverage

A lot of what is stated in this spot on China’s High Speed Rail at CNN is off kilter.  For instance, the train doesn’t go “into the country”, but instead generally stays in the densely populated coastal regions.  It WILL create a huge industry, and even though there is something stated about the tickets being too expensive, that’s the case with airlines too.  It is almost as if the burgeoning middle class of the country is disregarded.  They all will be able to use this train.

Naysayers the lot, but just like the Great Northern and the original railroads of the US, it’ll prove invaluable for the nation.

Meanwhile, the US continues to spiral into incompetence and infrastructure neglect.  Where once the US was untouchable, we’ve lagged in development and capability.  Often not even able to build our own tracks anymore let alone reliable, high speed passenger trains.


  1. Let’s not forget that there are enough people who are “spooked by the choo choos” to get electoral majorities into office.


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