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A Bus, Just Because

A Bus, Just Because

Just in case one is interested but didn’t catch the Facebook Link to the event, please go here and RSVP so we can be sure to get a count and enough seats.


We’re going to have great food and I know some great conversation. Some of the topics will include, but aren’t limited to:

  • RapidRide – Is it successful so far?  Is it getting the job done?
  • How’s the Link Light Rail?  – What’s the deal with Sound Transit’s insistence on making it so expensive?  It could be a Skytrain!
  • Skytrain, why can’t America build something so efficient?
  • Unions, are they helping workers or screwing the riders?
  • Sounder, why the $15 per rider cost?
  • King County Trolleys, will they survive the next year or so!?
  • King County Buses, which routes are full of good people, and where are the creeps riding?

…and a WHOLE lot more.  So come add to the conversation!

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