Changes on Transit Sleuth, Bike Much?

Well, as many that know me likely know already, I bike as much or more than I use transit. Basically, it’s easier to just say – I use all modes, with cars being the least used at about 1% or less of my trips. In the last 3 years I can count the uses of a car on one hand (i.e. < 5). I’ve used a truck (U-Haul) twice. Transit ranges in the 600-700 trips per year (i.e. counting each boarding) range, with some previous years ranging between 800-1100 per year. For passenger rail I’ve made approximately 50-90 trips per year (including 500+ mile long distance trips and shorter hauls such as between Seattle & Portland).

My main mode is absolutely my bicycle. I’ve made about 900 trips or rides per year, excluding 2010 when I actually went an entire year without a bike. It was a strange and surreal experience. I imagine it was what an auto-dependent person would feel like without a car, but I can’t really relate as I’ve always been pretty autonomous of my past cars.

Alas, Changes to Transit Sleuth

So why am I going on about this? Well, that’s actually somewhat simple. I’m going to be changing the topic space on this blog a little bit. It’s going to range more extensively from transit to bicycling. I’m going to make a point to focus on how those two modes bridge gaps for each other and amenities, lifestyle, livability and related topics around biking and transit use.

So with that… this blog entry is my official date stamp for starting a new blogging effort.


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