Transit Sleuth TV : Episode 1 “Transit Meet n’ How to Carry Wine & Gelato”

The first episode of Transit Sleuth TV we dive into the world of transit and some of the uber nerds that keep tabs on the transit operators themselves, along with the tech of the trade. Tonight I go on a transit meet where a number of the notorious transit crew meet for an evening of eats, drinks and discussion.

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  1. […] A few things going on with the sleuth activity as of late.  First and foremost I’ve setup a schedule I’ll be aiming for with Transit Sleuth TV. The idea will be to publish an episode every 3 weeks on Monday morning at 7:30am. This frequency is starting as of today, Monday the 7th. So the next episode I hope to publish on the 28th, parts are coming together already. For the latest episode, check out “To Orenco, Mobile Ticketing, Powell’s and Introducing Jonathan Scheff!“. Episode 1 is out too, check it out “Transit Meet n’ How to Carry Wine & Gelato“. […]


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