A Cascading Seat Post Collision and The Green Line

I sat pondering as I waited for departure, how I’ve ridden the Green Line more in the last 2 months than I have in the last 5 years. Mainly because I can get on at 5th and Madison, closer to where I call home these days, and get out to Hollywood District that anything to do with the Clackamas connection the Green Line was built for. But I digress…

I’ve been riding transit a lot more these last few days because I had my seat post and saddle stolen off of my bike last Friday. In turn I took the saddle and post off of my fixie, which wasn’t the right seat post size. This caused a problem itself, mainly that the seat wouldn’t really stay put. I rode the MMR (Midnight Mystery Ride) anyway, just standing up the whole time, but that’s an easy fix. When I got home I pulled the seat post and seat from that bike and set it to the side. I then retrieved Mona, my Surly 1×1 with fatties and sick disk brakes, but the rear tire was flat so I dropped it at my girl friends place and took transit home. Monday however I was also able to pick up a new Brooks Saddle and a proper seat post.

So my current situation is: Surlac, a Surly Crosscheck which is my main ride, has no seat or seat post installed yet. Mona, my Surly 1×1 custom with fatties, is up in NOPO, my fixie is without an installed seat post and saddle, and my other two fixes either are missing a front wheel (stolen) or have shredded tires (flats). All in all, pretty insane to have that many bikes in some strange state of disrepair.

With that being the current state of affairs I am now currently riding, and hacking as usual, the Green Line out to Hollywood Transit Center. Then it’s off to Case Study Coffee for more hacking and a good coffee brew or three. Always aiming for the daily 4 cups of coffee and a couple pints of water and beer. Ya know, because healthiness. 😮

Other than that, my Green Line was on time, by other buses, streetcars and light rail over the last few days were all on time. So no complaints, no problems and good times. Albeit bike thieves should all be put to death. But that’s neither here nor there.


    1. Oh, it was just the seat. I’m pretty good at getting the main bits locked down and the quick releases on the wheels have secret traps that’ll f-up any would be their. I’m thinking of setting up some more and have the next custom bolts for the seat post and saddle too. So far in the years between 2001 and now I’ve had the following stolen:

      1. A Bianchi urban hybrid bike. This one really hurt when it was stolen, as it was my first actual decent bike that wasn’t a BMX/Freestyle bike.
      2. A seat post and saddle. (The thing stolen last night)
      3. A front wheel off of a fixie/single speed.
      4. A high lumen count front light that cost about $120 bucks.

      …and that’s it. Overall, still less then a single claim I ever had to file with Progressive when I owned a car. I can’t really complain much. But it’d be nice if I get the rest of my shit locked down proper. 🙂


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