Going All Kinds of All-City

I took a stroll over to Back Alley Bike Repair. It’s a cool bike repair shop located in Pioneer Square area in one of the back alleys. Super cool place, with some rad guys that run the shop. I knew they do custom builds after seeing a friend’s wicked awesome ride.

I walked in and talked to Julien and Ben about getting a build done on a Surly Long Haul Trucker. However Julien noticed some issues with the measurements of the Trucker compared to my previous bike that might just not work out. We discussed and looked at some other frames. The Ogre might have worked, and a few others but most ended up with a slanted top tube instead of a straight top tub, which I preferred. Also it wasn’t clear if the wheels would be set correctly to my riding position or if I’d feel like I was riding out of alignment all the time. So we kept looking.

After looking through a number of options we took a look at the All-City Space Horse Disc build as a base to start with. After reviewing what the build starts with, noticing it includes a number of components I’d want, I decided to pull the trigger on this ride! To start with, here’s the basic bike. I’ll have more on this bike real soon.


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