Everett’s Transit Shed

i.e. shed as in “walking shed”, “watershed”, or related concept. Meaning the area that can be traveled within X amount of time. In this particular case I made the starting point the downtown Everett Station, and set the trip time to 25 minutes to see where one could get to or arrive from.

That gave a number of areas, including the majority of Everett and some areas to the south, like Mill Creek, and as far out west as Mukilteo.

Further to the east accessible areas include the western side of Lake Stevens and much of Snohomish.

I was just trying to check out the dry til’ you qualify area in Seattle, which nothing in Seattle is affordable by any means when it comes to a singel family home – everything is well over $600k and the median is closer to a $900k than it is the lower starting range. That lower range generally tends to mean the house would need significant repair or is unlivable.

Further south, the prices become much more reasonable, ableit still vastly higher than the median US price for a house. The added negative south of Seattle is that crime tends to dramatically increase, the necessity to drive more in areas where most of the driving fatalities occur, etc all increase in the souther drive til’ you qualify areas. These include, by name, Tukwila, Auburn, Kent, and even Tacoma.

All of those areas have 25 minute transit sheds, and a 40-60 minute trips from the central transit shed into the city of Seattle.

Opening up Google Maps, which appears a bit clearer and has the landmarks draws an interesting map around Everett and Lake Stevens.

Anyway, that’s my quick survey of the area and a few mentions of housing pricing. Cheerio.

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