CRC Bridge Protest in Portland (It’s About Vancouver WA Too!!)

Joleen and I went to the protest on the waterfront about the prospect of having a new bridge built over the Columbia to replace the current I-5 Bridge.  It was pretty good, I’d love to have seen more people, but it was a good start in the effort.  With how many people are idiotically apathetic to action like this it is no wonder the Government can shove dumb ideas down our throats without much resistance.  Well for the CRC, specifically the 12 lane bridge, the resistance is growing larger by the day.  Even Vancouver residents are wakening up to the idea that a 12 lane toll bridge is NOT a good idea for them either, or for anybody in the metropolitan area.

A 6 lane, with other local traffic bridge, a light rail bridge, a pedestrian bridge, fixing the rail bridge or the current corridor, there are at least a dozen, if not 2-3 dozen alternatives that have a VASTLY SUPERIOR monetary, environmental, economic, and traffic impact than the current idea of a MEGA BRIDGE.

Please, check out the following sites and see if you can’t help us make some impact into this future destruction this 12-lane bridge proposal is suggesting.

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