Conversations, A Really Short Transit Story

A guy and his lady sit on the #9 with another guy sitting across from them.  Both silent as they look forward at the low floor section of the bus.  They don’t know each other and have no idea who each other are.  Then it happens, the lone fellow asks the guy with his lady something about good venues to check out at night in Portland.  A conversation, politely and at a respectful tone strikes out.  The young lady chimes in also, words of Seinfeld coming to town, places to go after hours, and what to do are sent back and forth between these strangers.  Smiles are had and both continue on in their discussion.  The conversation continues unabated with a friendly tone, new friends it is, whether single serving or not, they’re friend and cohorts for this ride!

You’ll never see that in a traffic jam or while driving about in an auto, isolated and alone.

Several more people board and we have a full bus.  Enough to make an average per passenger of about 45mpg!  That’s a VERY respectable efficiency at 11:21pm!

I get off before even half of these people have finished their ride.  In calm the bus lurches forward into the darkness down Powell.  Now I stand alone, to walk across the street and into home.  Another grand night of nerdy and awesome in Portland complete.  I am satisfied with my night.  Another 30+ people off to a calm comfortably warm night.

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