New Transit Sleuth Logo!

The Transit Sleuth, that’s me the writer of this here blog, have got a new logo coming for the site.  I also intend to do more videos, slide shows, images, and media related things of transit related nature for the ole’ blog.  This is my first collage video, or slide show, or whatever one wants to call it.  Just a fun bit, and watch until the end for a first run preview of the new logo!

This video of images was inspired by another video by my fellow transit friend Al M, which I’ve linked below.  He put some shots I’ve posted over the various blog entries together into this awesome video collage.


  1. WOW!
    Way cool!
    Welcome to the world of video!
    BTW, the reason the video I made of your stuff is not on YOUTUBE is that they wouldn’t let me have the audio that I wanted.


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