Phoenix's Ongoing Transit Blogosphere

I am truly impressed by the Phoenix Community’s ongoing support of the light rail system.  Phoenix almost, maybe it does, outdo Portland in support of light rail these days.  Either way, it seems oddly amazing that a city known as a blight* upon America, is working so hard and diligently to become an impressive and modern city.  All of the below sites can be found by a simple search on Google of Phoenix Rail Life.

Here’s a look at some of the Phoenix Community’s efforts:

  • Light Rail Blogger: I’ll admit it, Tony’s site is one of my favorite.  He has a real human element about his entire blog and life going car-less in a city not so well known for car-less survivability.
  • Downtown Phoenix Journal:  This is a new blog read to me.  But obviously is connected to efforts for successful light rail and urban lifestyles.  Enabling people to really step up in life.  It is an impressive site – I dig it.
  • Rail Life:  This is one of the first sites I saw pop up related to Phoenix Light Rail.  As per the topic of this blog entry, Rail Life’s Blog has an entry on activities in Phoenix.  This is a common thing to see on this and the other blogs.
  • Light Rail Hot Spots:  This is just a one off page, but still it is a site of interest.

This is something that I think Portland should really endeavor to improve, and which I would be more than happy to kick off.  Is there anyone else out there who could kick in some assistance?  Hit me up at adron [@] adronbhall [dot] com.

* I didn’t come up with that adjective, a local Portland resident tossed me the word blight when I asked for a description of Phoenix, Arizona while riding about on our newly opened Green Line.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention. I have been a fan of your blog for quite a while and often stop by for ideas etc.
    Come on out to Phoenix for a visit, I’d be glad to show you around some of the gorgeous areas surrounding our light rail system! 🙂
    blight? lol…


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