Green Line Videos Collection

I just wanted to throw together a montage of videos from the Green Line opening.

The Green Line green people invade Portland. This is, to note, NOT TriMet but a community group organizing. This is why I say private enterprise HAS to get involved to really make things lively and successful. Without, nobody cares.

bobrpdx put together this video, which shows the First Ride Event. The following is Part 1.


  1. Regarding the first video by Bob R. – Fred Hansen stated, with regards to bus stop improvements, "We’re on city sidewalks…"

    What the f*ck is he standing on? A city sidewalk which is also a well improved MAX stop.


  2. Erik – Fred’s response almost reminded me of things my friends say while we’re drunk. It was somewhat non-sensical, surreal almost. I might have to watch that one again.

    Max – Yeah, you should post that. BTW – We gotta have a beer/meetup after I get back form Pheonix and talk about some possible dev ideas w/ the transit data. 🙂 I’ve got a few things washing around in my head I’d like to try out – but want to run em’ by ya first.


  3. Fred was standing on a sidewalk that was little changed when the MAX line was put in except for the things that were needed, e.g. the platform edge. Even the shelter was there before. But moreover, it takes money and effort to put in shelters and things, especially when they’re not part of a project for which much money can be gotten from the federal government. And I have seen a shelter that took an easement from the city to put, not to mention the agreements the mall must have required.


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