Officially Going Car Free?

Well, it seems odd that I have to sell a car to someone for me to go car-free.  I'd rather help someone else go car free.  But here's the skinny.  Jo & I are tired of spending money on a car that sits and is unused, especially one of a caliber of a 350Z.  A car that should be at the track or be being enjoyed, which I just don't do anymore.  So I'm selling it.  She's a 2006 Model, V6 (VQ35DE if you want to look up the engine type), 300+ hp, with less than 15k miles.  Oh yeah, it is also a REAL sports car with a stick, none of that automatic nonsense.

Why are Jo & I doing this?  Simple.  Now that we're out of the auto-dependant life, we've really realized the excess expenditures, energy, and time we had to spend to just keep the car (mainly my insurance costs & the car just cost a monthly note is all, mechanically it is flawless).  So if you know anyone that wants a SUPER enjoyable car I have one for sale.  In addition, I'll sell it for blue book or less easily.  First to offer is first to get her, I'm not waiting around.

So if you know anyone give me a ring, e-mail, or a contact of some sort and we'll make a deal!


  1. Thanks! I don’t figure anyone reading this blog is interested in buying a car, but figured I’d make a post anyway. It is a major turning point in life. šŸ™‚

    …already have had a couple offers. I am glad about one thing, low mileage and attractive car. šŸ™‚


  2. Its seems that changing your lifestyle for being a car-free person was a great decision in times like these. The hassle of maintenance, and other car expenditures are really pain in our pocket. Anyway I guess you made the right the decision for selling out your fantastic sports car. I only wish that I have a money to buy it, but sadly I don’t have enough.


  3. I got one call, the guy wants to turn it into a wonderfully powerful race car. 500+ hp with a twin turbo setup. Matter of fact…

    … I gotta call that guy back! šŸ™‚


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