Wow, Really? 34 Miles Per Gallon Would be Cool

Per the article on CNN,

In general, the regulations require all passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States to get an overall average of 34.1 miles per gallon by model year 2016. It’s the first time there has been a national average for all vehicles.

By the 2016 model year, cars will be expected to average about 39 mpg while trucks are expected to get an average of 30 mpg.

This has been a long time coming.  What I don’t get, is why the Government decides to step in just after they forced the car manufacturers to make cars less efficiently for the facade of safety.  What gives?  A little hypocrisy, it sure looks at it.

Sure, this doesn’t measure anything compared the 60-70 MPG rating per passenger of a high speed rail line.


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  8. Our major issue in this country is our two political parties. Our forefathers knew that a two party system would be our downfall and took steps to try to stop this type of politics, and thus anyone who seriously thinks that politics isn’t corrupt or slaves to Corporate America hasn’t not been paying attention. George Jr. will go down in History as one of the worst administrations in history and I could go on for hours showing why, but my point is that the Obama administration has offered nothing different (besides health reform, granted) and has in fact continued nearly every single Bush program. Obama has almost the same political donors and thus has the same pressures as Bush did. Health reform will turn out to be the most expensive and destructive waste of tax payer money ever. I just wish I could offer a better alternative for other frustrated people, but I can’t and those that think that the tea partiers are the future, remember that Sarah Palin is an important figure to them.


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