Sunday Streetcar Ride

I have not posted, obviously in a number of days.  My transit interests have taken a significant backburner to my career and other aspects of life lately.  However, today (Sunday), I decided I would take part of the streetcar loop along the south waterfront on my way to Backspace.  Backspace of course, is not anywhere near this part of the streetcar route, but figured it would be nice just for some thinking time.

I boarded at 3rd & Harrison.  The streetcar wasn’t real full so it was easy to just grab a comfortable seat for laptop use and start writing.  As the streetcar snaked the way down to the south waterfront we left the slow section onto the 30mph section of track.  Whizzing along and looking to the left, one could see the blue and yellow Cirque Du Soliel Tent.  We pulled into the muddling slow south waterfront finally and poked along again, as the Portland Streetcar does.

At this time I started working on some work related code and design finalizations for a prototype.  Wow, what a mouth full really.  I made some good progress while watching this small part of Portland go by.  Gave me some good contemplations too.  But alas, I’m not going into those at the moment, At some point I will kick off a new writing flurry on the ole’ Transit Sleuth here and you’ll just have to read about them then.

A few people got on board, which were interesting to watch.  Some grandparents and their granddaughters boarded.  The two daughters, probably in their tweens, were enraptured by the streetcar and surrounding scenery of buildings, greenery, and other various urban things.  One could tell they were not from the city.  After standing for a while they waltzed off to some seats.  Another dozen people boarded at PSU, and off when my ongoing observable pietry dish of humanity.  With me in the rear corner of the streetcar being all productive.

The streetcar rolled through the other PSU and park stops, while I worked away for a while longer.  I eventually got off the streetcar at Couch (pronounced kooch) and walked the last few blocks to Backspace.  I killed an extra hour plus of time this way, but it was time well spent with ideas & thoughts that I have been needing.

With that, adieu.


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  2. I think this is a great post. One thing that I find the most helpful is number five. Sometimes when I write, I just let the flow of the words and information come out so much that I loose the purpose. It’s only after editing when I realize what I’ve done. There’s defiantly a lot of great tips here I’m going to try to be more aware of.


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