Rolling On Northgate

Kicks Hobby Japan

Kicks Hobby Japan

I took a ride about today out to Northgate.  Took the #16 from Belltown straight to Northgate & then spent most of the day there.  Caught a movie, ate some grub, and mainly fiddled around the mall.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been out to a mall, probably 3-4 months at least.  Before tearing into the mall though I actually checked out a Japanese Toy Store called Kicks Hobby Japan.  They have awesome Japanese toys with high detail and surreal poses from Mobile Suit Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, and others.  I’ve posted some of the images of the toys they carry below.

The Northgate Mall is a pretty decent place.  A fair selection of chain stores, nothing really local of course.  The bus routes that come into and out of the area is pretty steady.  After a day around the area the return trip included a random trip on the #75 out along Sandy and then a transfer to the #30 bus back into Belltown.  Overall, a good little adventure off into Northgate.

Bikini Girl

Bikini Girl





  1. And don’t forget the 41, one called the “Blue Streak Express”, this was the pioneer in starting express bus service in Seattle. Also NG has the only Target and Best Buy in the Seattle city limits (West Seattle doesn’t count), bringing many downtown residents here for those stores.


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