Transit Beer on February 26th

As mentioned on Chad’s BlogAl M’s “Ranting of a Trimet Bus Driver” and Puget Sound Transit Operators Blog there is truly a Transit Beer coming up on the 26th!  So if you want to have a good beer, some grub, and talk transit in the north west this is absolutely the get together to get to!!

We haven’t completely decided on a place yet, so I’ve setup a poll.  Ya know, to be democratic and all.  Here’s the poll, so please vote on your preferred place for the meet up!

For more information on each location check out Elysian Brewing, Big Time Brewery, and the Frontier Room.


  1. 45, 46, 74, 167, 197, 205, 272, 277, 373, 540, 542, and 556 would not be running on a Sunday to Big Time. I ate there once–it was alright. A bit spendy for a sandwich.


  2. Elysian is and also the Frontier Room. I’ve never been to Big Time. Looks like Elysian Brewing is winning so far. Will get the other bits confirmed too – if anyone is a minor we can definitely go to a place that allows them, I don’t want to limit anyone’s participation!! 🙂


  3. I’ll have my son with me that weekend and I’d like to come. Anytime is fine except in the afternoon (like 1pm – 4pm), and I don’t care what the venue is as long as I can bring my son inside. 😉 Good to hear you’re getting this together.


  4. Adlon,

    If projected attendance is big enough – you may want to do RSVP’s and get in touch with Frontier room regarding expectations. They do have areas they can arrange for groups, and as this is early Saturday, could be an issue. Just a thought.



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