The Good News In Transit, The Private Sector

The original transit systems in the United States were all private sector. The passenger rail systems all over the United States were private sector. The US had transportation that was the envy of the world then!

It comes as no surprise then that the transit that is getting increases works with and for the private sector to get them involved. The private sector works with transit to get things moving.

Trimet in Portland is moving to increase service at the next schedule change, almost across the board. Seattle Streetcar is increasing service because of funding  from Amazon, Fred Hutch, and UW Medicine for rush hour service. I quote from the article,

“With several thousand additional employees moving into SLU this year, the employers are concerned that the cars are already pretty full during this timeframe and they want to be able to encourage as many employees as possible to take transit”

All over the country were the private sector is getting involved, Intercity Buses for example,  things are moving forward and actually happening. If our politicians can stay on track and actually work for the people and work with the private sector we can get this country put back together from the crumbling that is happening now. We may have no change to reclaim the industrial power house we were in the 1920-1950s, but we sure as hell can become a very livable and dynamic country.


  1. What does TriMets service increase have to do with the public Sector??? NOTHING!! You can’t seem to leave them out of anything can you? I still maintain they are not as great as you try to make them seem. Did You know Metro restored some service June as well?


    1. punkrawker47 – Trimet and Metro are pretty much the same boat. I’ll give you that. Neither measure up to Vancouver CA transit. Both Trimet and Metro do really well by American standards, but that’s a low baseline. Until I see efficiency numbers up or some significant improvements in cost control – REAL CONTROLS that I see regular companies make EVERY DAY – then I’m not going to cut them any slack.

      Al Margulies – Actually every one of the companies that provided the increased service did not receive any direct profit at all. Each of them got happier employees, but they only paid money for the service, and got no money in return. The risk, inherently, since the public sector has basically monopolized transit (sometimes through force) takes all the risk. So no, that isn’t what I meant, being that the above examples don’t prove that out in any way. They’re simply shelling out money to operations – plain and simple.

      The intercity buses however do make some moderate profits (of course, there are many naysayers to this fact, but it is hard to ignore reality). But in the end, the public sector is NOT providing these services and IMHO should NOT provide these services. The only thing they’ve proven is they’ll cut the fare price and then charge 3-5x as much in taxes through other means.

      …which monetarily speaking, it seems the Government is profiting more than any private sector transit… in the sense they use it as an excuse to jack up taxes for moderate or worse service than comparable funds paid for 50+ years ago. Sad how we allow ourselves to be ripped off in such a way…

      now ya done gone and got me ranting! 😛

      All in good fun though. Cheers.


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