It’s Hard Bike Commuting Sometimes…

So I’ve decided to start laying down some easier routes, notes, and other elements depending on certain areas of Seattle. Hopefully these can be useful to people trying to commute in the area.

As any transit or bike advocate knows, getting out of the car is but one step to a better life. Staying out of the way of the cars often helps a bit too.  🙂

On Twitter @MeganMcMullen had asked how to get downtown from the Greenlake area. @seabikeblog had a great suggestion, but I’d like to add this route as another alternative, with fewer miles along actual roadways. This would give, especially someone still getting used to a commute, an easier time getting to downtown.  🙂

If the map isn’t displaying, click here.

If you have other routes or suggestions that I should scope out, leave aa comment or two.

Cheers, and happy riding!


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