SR-520 in 6 Months

So what I want to know is…

  • Will SR-520 see a traffic reduction over the 6 month phase in/test period of tolling?
  • Will SR-520 Become easier to traverse?
  • Will the tolling actually cover the percentage of the bridge fix/addition that is being done?

I’m hoping to see a reduction in traffic, know that drivers are paying a greater percentage of their cost on society (at an actual user basis instead out of the notorious general budget funds). Anyone else got an opinion on this?

My other hope is that the traffic reduction provides the possibility of actually getting across via a more dedicated and dependable time frame on the bus. Seriously, Seattle could just build a bridge dedicated to buses and it would carry an insane number of people and would only need 2 lanes.

One Comment

  1. “Just build a bridge dedicated to buses” – nice idea. It’s the “just build a bridge” part that’s hard. We’ve been working on 520, which we know is necessary b/c the approaches are going to fall down, since 1998.
    Of course, as you know, PDX is building a bridge just dedicated to transit.


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