Some People Live Pretty Uninformed, Such as This Motorist

I’m officially starting a list of misbehaving, in a lethal sense, of any motorist that is risking others’ lives while they barrel around in their automobile. I’ll do the same for anybody that is wielding such a device that can cause instant death. I’m also going to work toward organizing a type of “Neighborhood Watch” to get these drivers ticked, with video evidence & more. I’m sick of hearing about “5 year old dead” because somebody is too busy in their life to pay attention and drive well.

This first video, which I recorded today was of a lady in a 4-door Silver Gray Honda Accord, with license either T38 OSK or T38 DSK.

Crass Uninformed Motorist

There’s just too much death, to not put something together. Many of Portland’s Citizens have been trying to improve things for years now, it’s time to take a step further and let drivers know this is unacceptable behavior in our city, in any city really. If you’re a brave soul and interested in outreach and organizing, let me know. I’m sure I’ll need help with this. Cheers!

One Comment

  1. I wish you luck. Too bad this only shows a disrespectful rude driver, nothing illegal. She got mad at stopping at a light or 2? Does that mean you did not stop and she was jealous?

    It is so sad drivers are not taught that bikes have right of way and should be passed like a car (move to the other lane). But also too bad that some bike riders break their rules and fail to stop at signals and signs or even signal intentions of turning, that only makes drivers hate all bikes!!

    People can just be rude and evil – sigh! Good luck. Used to be you could send the police a plate number and complaint and that person would get a ticket in the mail. But that system got abused so they stopped it. But those were nice days when most people tried because everyone could report them!

    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 01:15:49 +0000 To:


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