Talking Tacoma on The Train

Ever been to Tacoma, Washington? Ever ridden the Coast Starlight, or Amtrak in general? How about with a bike. A little bit about all those things in this video. Join me for a trip south out of Seattle past Tacoma with a few key pointers, that soon, you will never get to see by train again! I’ll show ya the Tacoma narrows, plus a few other suggestions. Give this video a watch to learn how wrong I can be about what is or isn’t an island, learn about whether the Tacoma Narrows bridges have fallen down recently, and also whether they do or do not connect to an island!

So many things to know, all fascinating, give a viewing for a ride along the Tacoma waterline. Until next time, may your transiting be a most excellent experience.


  1. Yes we did visit Tacoma – as opposed to drive past it on our way somewhere else. I did not write it up in my blog but I did take pictures

    Mount Rainier

    Someone we know had bought tickets to a concert and booked a hotel. Neither would give refunds for a cancellation so we got lucky with a “free” trip – and I did send her some flowers too.

    My biggest regret about it was that being there on a weekend the court was closed to the public. It used to be the main railway station and architecturally is quite impressive – but we only got to see the outside. We did like the free streetcar.


    1. Ah yes, I’ve been in the courthouse one time to check it out. Amazing what used to be there, and glad they at least kept the building. The nearby history museum is built as to look like it was part of that building too, which is kind of neat.

      I keep meaning to pull together some of the layouts, diagrams, and write up what Tacoma used to have the capability of before it gutted downtown with that interstate. But, alas, not enough time in the day. Maybe one of these days I’ll write it up, it’d be interesting to collect those details.

      re: The Free Streetcar – Currently it’s almost done getting extended up the hill and into the old city part! I’m looking forward to that and will definitely be back to ride the extension in the days and weeks following it opening! It’s a great little connector!


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